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Felisha Orchid is back on WYCA 102.3 FM!

Starting March 29, 2018 Felisha Orchid the new author of Make Me Over Again: Ready For Change is back to motivate listeners and to support local ministries and businesses. This time it will be accessible both on the radio and on the web. I encourage you to be one of the first to place your ads in both places. Do not lose out! Be one of the first to take your spot.

RADIO & WEB Advertising

This is a great opportunity for ministries, entrepreneurs and businesses alike to get airtime on the radio and exposure on our website for an affordable cost. We have package deals that allow you to advertise and tell the listening audience everything they need to know about you, which includes:

  • A five-minute interview on air on 102.3 FM from 10:30 am to 11:00 am on Thursdays. Take a look at our upcoming guests.

  • Your bio and the link to your site listed on our webpage with details about your business/products/ministry/services.

  • A 30-second commercial aired after your interview on the following four (4) consecutive shows

Repetition and good word of mouth is the best way to help your audience remember your business and Felisha Orchid has very affordable prices that are designed to give you and your business the exposure you need.


Make Me Over Again: Ready for Change

Just in case you are unaware, Felisha Orchid has published a new book called Make Me Over Again: Ready For Change and you can click below for more details.