Creative. Motivational. inspirational. Visionary.


Transforms thought into fruition.

Inspires greatness in others. 

Sees limitless potential and possibility.

"Passion fuels the fire to fufill our purpose and impact the world." -Felisha Orchid


Felisha Orchid is a vibrant and inspiring minister, teacher and motivational speaker for businesses, professional arenas, radio and churches looking to take organizations to the next level. For three decades she committed to serving the church, organizing and faithfully leading groups, organizations, and corporations to excellence.

As a Keynote Speaker, preacher, teacher and radio host for audiences of 70,000 plus, Felisha Orchid, encourages people to discover their talent and gifts to use them to their greatest potential. She is committed to transformation and inspiring others to fulfill their purpose and to complete the vision for their destiny.

Felisha Orchid utilizes her life stories, challenges, disappointments, and achievements to motivate others to accomplish the vision that has lived inside of them. Despite being divorced and a single parent of two incredibly intelligent young girls, Felisha accepted a call to ministry, published Inner Visions Magazine, went back to school at age 36 and received two degrees, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity, in 3 ½ years. She served in various roles in several churches including Newsletter Publisher/Editor, Associate Pastor, Lilly Pastoral Resident and Christian Education Development Director as well as host for three radio shows. She is a financial services expert and she also wrote Make Me Over Again: Ready For Change just to name a few of her achievements. She is an extraordinary event planner and believes she can do anything she chooses to do. "I've done it and so can you!" Her charge to transform communities, one person at a time, is more than her mission but is also her purpose.

This eager young lady is multi-talented, influential and powerful beyond measure. Felisha Orchid is a founding partner of Essence Properties LLC and Essence Education, an online real estate investment education program committed to teaching others how to invest in real estate, to build wealth, and to obtain financial freedom. All in all, Felisha Orchid is creative, motivational, and a true visionary.

It's simple. Felisha Orchid is committed to touching and transforming lives and communities by sharing her gifts and witnessing for Christ. Her mission is to educate, encourage and inspire others to reach greatness. Ultimately her mission is to please God.