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  • Small Business, Startups & Entrepreneurial Development

  • Sales & Marketing Management Development and Training

  • Website Development (SquareSpace, Wix and Wordpress

    (For a sample site: Just Passing Through, Inc.)

  • Social Media Presence on Multiple Platforms, i.e. Facebook & Instagram

  • Brand development and Ad creation

  • Team of support members

  • USA Location

We are a leading supplier in business services for small business and startups.

OVERALL OBJECTIVES:  The CEO is seeking to assume day-to-day responsibilities for Sales and Management of your company’s operation while you continue to produce and serve your products and services. We focus on growing sales, improving profitability, diversifying markets, maintaining quality, radio and tv commercial presence, website social media presence, and employee satisfaction.

The CEO will work closely with your team to develop your company’s growth strategy, as well as maintain and enhance your company’s culture, whether it is on a part-time or full-time basis. We can create an atmosphere where your directs, whether it is a number of department heads or just you, report to The CEO.


  • Assist with consulting for day-to-day sales leadership and management consistent with your company’s core values

  • Input on new product development, customer relationships and sales growth for continued long term profitability.

  • Determine your company objectives and align your team so that all know their respective roles and how success will be measured.

  • Provide stability and leadership for your company.

  • Manage development of new proprietary products and/or services to help you service your customers’ needs.

  • Increase your sales and profitability growth.

  • Manage your existing customer relationships.

  • Grow into new market segments.

  • Collaborate with the management team to manage existing and implement new best practices as necessary to ensure flawless and cost-effective execution across all Company operations.

  • Attract, recruit and develop a motivated team for you company

  • Report regularly to other executive leadership on the operating conditions and significant activities and plans.

  • 20 plus years of management, business development, sales and marketing, financial services and event planning experience.

The CEO possesses strong execution skills with demonstrated experience in implementing and managing business processes for significant organizational change within a closely held entrepreneurial environment.

We have demonstrated competency in communicating to closely held owners for positive impactful change.

The CEO has demonstrated the ability to analyze financial reports, determine trends, and define new product development opportunities for presentation to your Board of Directors.

Your new CEO has a strong proven customer service orientation with emphasis on customer relations, customer management and the ability to maintain open communications with customers and vendors.

Your new CEO has a willingness to lead by example and able to clearly present goals, provide direction and offer support to the executive management, direct reports and general staff.

Your new CEO is/has

  • results-oriented and entrepreneurial

  • well-developed interpersonal and team building skills.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree


Please contact us directly for more information at 708-794-6362.

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