One At A Time...

It seems at times that problem after problem seems to fall on our plates. Everywhere we turn there seems to be a challenge of sorts. It feels like we are on a rollercoaster that will never end. Just as we finish one scary turn we seem to be propelled towards a dip that leaves us out of control.

Have faith. Conquer each challenge one at a time. Celebrate each accomplishment and prepare for the next. When you have a break, enjoy your peace, but know that we wouldn't be needed if it weren't for the challenges and problems. Our job is to create order out of the chaos just like God did in the beginning. It's our turn now. Once we solve enough of them, once we've conquered enough of them we get to go home...

Unconditional Love

There's something so freeing about loving someone despite how mean they've been to you or despite how awful they've been acting. Is it true love if it's conditional? Is is true love if it's based on what you've done for me? That sound more like self gratification. 

If you need a reminder, of unconditional love then look at the cross. It should be a constant reminder when you look at the criminal hanging next to Christ that was remembered despite what the charges were.

Try it someday. Be determined to love no matter what. "I love you no matter what" are the words and heart-filled emotion that should surface despite a person's behavior. I shouldn't need to see how you treat me to have love for you unconditionally...

Don't Lose Your Focus...

Trouble will follow you to keep you distracted on purpose. The more you claim your faith, the more distractions seem to emerge from everywhere.  If you say I'm going to abstain, then temptation shows up to test you. If you say you are going to exercise patience, then the most intolerable circumstance seem to show up. Just when you say "I love you" the things that you never saw before glares you in the face.

What's this all about? Distraction. Just prepare yourself so that you will recognize it when it comes. Surely, it's coming. It's  on its way if it hasn't already showed up. But... when it does, put your blinders on and keep your focus....

It Ain't Over...

Let's face it. Life can be hell. It can be the most challenging thing in the world. You can feel so isolated and so alone. Nothing seems to go right. Nothing works. It feels like being knee deep in quicksand. It feels like you are abroad a sinking ship. It's _______ if you do and ______ if you don't. It feel like the greatest nightmare that you can ever imagine. Every thing you touch goes to crap and crumbles. It feels like someone's out to get you. It feels like you may as well give up.

Just remember, like the caterpillar you are going through that struggle because you have to strengthen you wings. You have to push and press forward. You have to get out of it what you need in order that you continue to grow. You have to welcome the challenge, because you waste time focusing on the problem. You say, "I can't get out!" and to the  contrary, you are able to make that move anytime you chose. You just have to come to conclusions that you can't make everyone follow you. Being out there on your own must make you more powerful.

No matter the problem, don't ever give up because until God says it's over, then it ain't over...

It's My Turn Now

There are times in life when it feels like nothing is going your way. You've asked God for clarity. You've asked God for understanding. You've asked God for direction. Still, He appears to be silent. You've done everything that you can think of, and yet God seems like He has put you "off talk." 

Oh where are you God? What do you have to say to me Lord? What can I do for you Lord?

"It's my turn now. You've done it your way and now it's my turn to take over. I will drive this vehicle and I need you to pay attention. I'm in control. You belong to me!"

Where There's A Will There's A Way

Have you ever faced a challenged, an obstacle, a problem and because it seemed so monumental it felt like it was impossible to overcome. It was one of those gut checking, lose sleep over, can't think about anything else but the problem kind of deals. You weren't even sure if there was a way out. Your blood pressure went up, your heart raced, you just felt lost and couldn't understand how you got yourself into that predicament. I'm sure you remember the time.

I know you may be feeling that same anxiety all over again just thinking about it, so let's stop right here. The same feelings you felt then and you are feeling now is more problematic than the problem itself. When it takes over you like that your fear holds you hostage and even when the way out is right around the corner you get lost in the fog of fear.

Take a deep breath, ask God for focus. Ask God to help you see the solution and let go of the problem. We lost precious time and we spend even more time in the problem when remain problem oriented, rather than solution oriented. In fact, look in the mirror. Take a good look. What do you see? The person you see is the problem, but if you are focused on solutions then the person you see now becomes the solution. 

Where there is a will, there is a way.  Just the mere fact that you've gotten through those problems in the past and you have made it here to this point and time suggests that there's always an exit or a solution. Isn't the solution more important than the problem anyway?

Forgive and Let Go...

Some people wake up every day, thinking about what someone else has done to them or even their own mistakes. They can't let it go. Is this you?

You repeat the memory in detail over and over again. You almost cherish the tragedy repeatedly. You just can't get it out of your mind. It's like a nightmare that you revist every day rather than every night. Hmmm sometimes you revisit it both day and night.

It destroys your relationship, your ability to function at times, your rest, your health and even your relationship with God. You don't get it. You can't get it. Why? "Why did this happen to ME?"

My question is why not you? None of us are better than the other. We all suffer tragedy and disappointment about something or other. Should someone else suffer and not you? Yes all of us have a thorn. Some show it more than others, but it remains.

Well, you can't change the end of the story no matter how many times you watch the movie. You aren't the producer, just the DVD. You have control to take it out whenever you decide.

My pastor once told us that if you ball up your fist (go ahead and do it right now) holding on to what happened, you cannot receive your blessing. Closed fist are missed opportunities. Open your hands and put down the baggage. Throw it far away. Give it to God, but don't pick it back up. Do whatever it takes to get rid of it. Write a letter. You can mail it or don't mail it. It doesn't matter. Just write it down and let it go. 

Receive what God has for you and only you...

The Courage To Keep Fighting...

A boxer in a ring can suffer the biggest blow ever only seconds after stepping into the ring. He has three (3) choices. 

1. Lay down and give up

2. Get up and worry about what just happened or

3. Get up and keep fighting!

I don't care how bad it gets, get you head back in the game. Let go of the last moment and think only about the next moment. Remember, the worst has already happened. Now you shake it off and keep it moving.

You can lose worrying about what just happened. You automatically lose laying down and giving up. Most importantly, no matter how they tally the fight, you win when you have the courage to keep fighting...

Enjoy Family

Take more time to enjoy family. Every moment is precious even when you don't get along all the time. We only get so many hours and minutes. When we waste them being angry, mad, selfish and not thinking about others we lose valuable time. When we forget the people that matter the most to us, even when they disappoint us we lose precious moments. When it's finally time to say goodbye some times it's too late, because we never know when...

Take God With You

There are times in life when the people you care about will disappoint you, when they say or do things that flat out surprise you. Sometimes the one that disappoints you the most is the person you see standing in the mirror.

It's in those moments, no matter who it is, that you get to spend that one-on-one time with God. It's in those moments when you are humbled to the point that you have no other choice but to seek God out. It's in those moments when you wonder why you weren't already in His presence. Why do I need to seek Him out? Why isn't HE here already? Why do we get so caught up in people, whom are human, whom fall short all the time, including self, rather than being caught up with God?

If we know it's going to rain and we take an umbrella, then the storm doesn't have the same effect. However, if we go without an umbrella (God) it could be the start of a horrible day. If we anticipate the surprise, by taking God with us, before the hurt and disappointment occurs, it loses its thunder. We are protected. We know the storm is coming at some point. If we are geared up, then it comes and goes often with no intensity.

Remembering to take God with you will calm the storm every time...


Who Are you? No, really?

If you were told that you have 72 hours left to live, what would you do differently? Think about that. Make a mental note of your first, second and third reactions.

Let's assume that you can walk and talk without problems. Let's also assume that you aren't suffering from pain and there are no visible signs of illness. What would you do differently that you are not doing right now? Would you suddenly let someone hear your wrath? Would you become the sweetest person, letting those important to you know that you love them. Would try to right some wrongs, or wrong some rights? What would you do? Would you try to settle the score? or would you use every available moment pleasing God and loving everyone around you? What would you do?

I am convinced that however you respond, whatever act you commit, whatever you decide to do speaks VOLUMES about who you really are. It's kind of hard to hide the truth about your identity once you realize there's nothing else left to lose.

If your immediate thought is something other than being who you transpire to become, then you NEED to stop and then start right now and be who God created you to BE...

You Are Who you Say You Are...

I have to tell you that there are days when everything seems to take forever, there's too much on your plate, and it requires every bit of your focus just to make it through the day. Once you finally get to the end of the day, once you finally get to sit down, you either feel horrible or you feel like you have just climbed Mount Everest. I chose to feel like I'm standing on the mountain top and there's nothing that will take me down. I choose to remember that I made it "through" the day, which is all the evidence I need.

Choose wisely how you view things. Choose wisely what message you tell yourself. Choose wisely how you feed your mind and spirit. The world can be cruel enough. The nicest person that keeps you company should be self. Stop being your own worst enemy.  The world passes out enough insults. Don't join the crowd, unless the crowd is joining. Whatever you choose to tell yourself, you are right. If you are negative about what you can't do, you are right. If you are positive about everything that you can do, you are right.

I am a conquerer. I am a creator. I am victorious. I am created in God's own image.

Your faith, your beliefs, determine your destination...


Stepping Out on Faith...

I have spent the last 28 years of my life stepping out on FAITH! What I've learned is that it doesn't keep me out of trouble, trials and tribulations. If I'm truthful it seems to come my way more intensely as if someone is taking target practice with me. What it does mean is that in FAITH and with God I can do anything that I set my mind to. It means that with everything that I ask of God there is most often some challenges, lessons, obstacles, and some disappointments. The good news is that ultimately, if I keep pressing forward, I finally arrive at overwhelming JOY!

If you ask for patience, you get the opportunity to be patient in some ordeal that you probably wasn't expecting. If you ask for children, well most of us have an idea of what that brings. If you ask for a job, you have to learn to deal with craziness and unfairness. If you ask for strength, well the only way to know if you have the strength is to undergo a strength building exercise. If you begin anything that requires you to STEP OUT ON FAITH, it will feel like you are walking on water. It will feel like you are doing what others may deem as impossible. It will feel like a ridiculous exercise that requires you to throw caution to the wind. It will feel like you are in danger. When you look down and you feel down you begin to sink, BUT when you re-gather your composure and most importantly your FAITH you will begin to walk on water yet again.

When you ask for any blessing there's always an inherent responsibility that seems awfully heavy when you first get started. It will feel uncomfortable, because most people around you will not budge. Most people surrounding you will discourage you out of love and their own fear. Just remember that this act of Stepping Out on Faith is not their journey. It's yours! Own it! Take full responsibility for it. Anticipate the disappointments as long as you keep moving. Eventually, you will arrive despite the threats behind you.

Once you have prevailed, once you have undergone the challenge, once you have kicked butt, take a minute, just one, to look back momentarily just to see how far you've come.

Believe me, the view is breathtaking...