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At Essence Properties LLC, our mission is to transform communities. Part of that mission includes creating income opportunities for people within the community. We have designed this program for those who would like to make some additional income and/or need a work from home opportunity.

Essence Education Recruiter

Essence Education is an online real estate investors training program designed by Essence Properties LLC to teach others how to invest in real estate to create wealth and obtain financial independence. We provide all the training needed to minimize the learning curve and jumpstart a career as a real estate investor!

As a recruiter, you’ll be working alongside Essence Properties LLC, helping us expand Essence Education by introducing our program to potential students and getting them enrolled in courses. A recruiter’s role will be to will be to connect us to new students and guide them down the path of discovery by helping them choose the real estate course that is meant for them.

The most successful recruiters will be extremely self-motivated, outgoing, have a passion for people, and think outside the box to come up with new ways of creating opportunities to connect with potential students.

Essence Education Courses

12-Week Investors University (All-Inclusive)

-       Wholesaling, Flipping, Buy & Hold, Tax Liens & Deeds Investing, Building a Power Team, Creating a Business Entity, Mastering your Credit, etc.

4-Week Wholesalers Workshop


Course Details:

Courses are a combination of online (90%) and in-person (10%) training. We designed our program to be extremely flexible, complement busy schedules and give students the option to learn at their own pace, whether faster or slower than the norm.

  •  Online Lessons - Approx. 1 hour of online training per day (approx. 5hrs/wk)
  • In-Person Sessions – 1 face-to-face meet up per week with an Essence Education instructor (approx. 2 hours/week)
  • Field training – Property visits
  • Sessions with industry professionals (i.e. realtors, attorneys, contractors, etc)

Courses are priced very affordably and we also offer payment plans for our students. 

Recruiter’s responsibilities

  • Getting referrals and following up on leads
  • Following up with potential students
  • Getting new students registered for courses
  • Building a team of recruiters
  • Connecting with potential new students
  • Hosting opportunity meet-ups
  • Giving Essence Education program presentations
  • Answering any questions/concerns, etc.

How We Prepare You

Recruitment Starter Kit - Deposit Required

Recruiter Training

How It Works:

There are only 2 simple steps to get started! Submit your deposit for a Recruiter Starter Kit and schedule your Recruiter Training Sessions with an Essence Education Rep. The Recruiter Starter Kit contains all the materials you need to get started, including:

-       Recruiter Guidebook

-       Essence Education Presentation

-       Recruiter Scripts

-       Referral Sheets

-       Student Enrollment Tracker

Don’t let the starter kit fee be an issue! The fee will be refunded with first student you get enrolled into our program, in addition to the base commission (1st student enrolled = base commission +  starter kit refund).

Income, Levels & Bonuses

We have designed the program to allow recruiters the opportunity to grow and continuously increase the income they take home. Recruiters are paid a commission based on each student enrolled. The program is based on levels and as particular milestones are reached, we increase the commission level and pay out bonuses!


Level 1 (Base) – 5% commission - $100 per student enrolled

Level 2 – 7.5% commission ($150 per student enrolled) + $250 BONUS

-       10 students enrolled

Level 3 – 10% commission ($200 per student enrolled) + $500 BONUS

-       25 students enrolled + 2 new recruiters

Level 4 – 12.5% commission ($250 per student enrolled) + $1000 BONUS

-       50 students enrolled + 4 new recruiters

Level 5 – 25% commission ($500 per student enrolled) + $2000 BONUS

-       100 students enrolled + 8 new recruiters


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To the Entrepreneur

You will NEVER become financially independent working for someone else. It is time to take advantage of opportunities that will help create a legacy for the next generation. Our purpose is to be the midwives for the next generation. Together we will pour into our children, ultimately the world, creating an atmosphere of financial freedom.

The definition of success is when preparation meets opportunity.

I am determined to help entrepreneurs reach their potential. I have several events and opportunities designed specifically for you. Stay tuned...