Stepping Out on Faith...

I have spent the last 28 years of my life stepping out on FAITH! What I've learned is that it doesn't keep me out of trouble, trials and tribulations. If I'm truthful it seems to come my way more intensely as if someone is taking target practice with me. What it does mean is that in FAITH and with God I can do anything that I set my mind to. It means that with everything that I ask of God there is most often some challenges, lessons, obstacles, and some disappointments. The good news is that ultimately, if I keep pressing forward, I finally arrive at overwhelming JOY!

If you ask for patience, you get the opportunity to be patient in some ordeal that you probably wasn't expecting. If you ask for children, well most of us have an idea of what that brings. If you ask for a job, you have to learn to deal with craziness and unfairness. If you ask for strength, well the only way to know if you have the strength is to undergo a strength building exercise. If you begin anything that requires you to STEP OUT ON FAITH, it will feel like you are walking on water. It will feel like you are doing what others may deem as impossible. It will feel like a ridiculous exercise that requires you to throw caution to the wind. It will feel like you are in danger. When you look down and you feel down you begin to sink, BUT when you re-gather your composure and most importantly your FAITH you will begin to walk on water yet again.

When you ask for any blessing there's always an inherent responsibility that seems awfully heavy when you first get started. It will feel uncomfortable, because most people around you will not budge. Most people surrounding you will discourage you out of love and their own fear. Just remember that this act of Stepping Out on Faith is not their journey. It's yours! Own it! Take full responsibility for it. Anticipate the disappointments as long as you keep moving. Eventually, you will arrive despite the threats behind you.

Once you have prevailed, once you have undergone the challenge, once you have kicked butt, take a minute, just one, to look back momentarily just to see how far you've come.

Believe me, the view is breathtaking...