Take God With You

There are times in life when the people you care about will disappoint you, when they say or do things that flat out surprise you. Sometimes the one that disappoints you the most is the person you see standing in the mirror.

It's in those moments, no matter who it is, that you get to spend that one-on-one time with God. It's in those moments when you are humbled to the point that you have no other choice but to seek God out. It's in those moments when you wonder why you weren't already in His presence. Why do I need to seek Him out? Why isn't HE here already? Why do we get so caught up in people, whom are human, whom fall short all the time, including self, rather than being caught up with God?

If we know it's going to rain and we take an umbrella, then the storm doesn't have the same effect. However, if we go without an umbrella (God) it could be the start of a horrible day. If we anticipate the surprise, by taking God with us, before the hurt and disappointment occurs, it loses its thunder. We are protected. We know the storm is coming at some point. If we are geared up, then it comes and goes often with no intensity.

Remembering to take God with you will calm the storm every time...