#who you were created to be

Who Are you? No, really?

If you were told that you have 72 hours left to live, what would you do differently? Think about that. Make a mental note of your first, second and third reactions.

Let's assume that you can walk and talk without problems. Let's also assume that you aren't suffering from pain and there are no visible signs of illness. What would you do differently that you are not doing right now? Would you suddenly let someone hear your wrath? Would you become the sweetest person, letting those important to you know that you love them. Would try to right some wrongs, or wrong some rights? What would you do? Would you try to settle the score? or would you use every available moment pleasing God and loving everyone around you? What would you do?

I am convinced that however you respond, whatever act you commit, whatever you decide to do speaks VOLUMES about who you really are. It's kind of hard to hide the truth about your identity once you realize there's nothing else left to lose.

If your immediate thought is something other than being who you transpire to become, then you NEED to stop and then start right now and be who God created you to BE...