Malcolm Miller

Convey Clothing Co. is an urban clothing brand that celebrates self expression, individuality and the freedom to be who you are. Our name comes from our belief that what you wear helps convey who you are to the world.

Convey was founded on March 23, 2017 by Malcolm Miller, a Mass Communications major in his senior year at Eastern Illinois University. Growing up, Malcolm always had a passion for art, music and fashion. He has always loved learning about people and how they express themselves, especially through what they wear.

Malcolm has never been one to just follow the crowd. He has always prided himself on being different, especially when it comes to his style. Considered a trend setter, he would often wear things others wouldn't and style himself in such a way that he would find himself influencing the style of people around him. One of Malcolm's biggest fashion and pop culture inspirations is Kanye West.

What sets Convey apart is that each piece of apparel is customized by hand and uniquely different. We enjoy seeing our customers have a piece of apparel that was created just for them. We're on a mission to continue to build the Convey brand and create things that we know people will love to wear!

Upcoming Event

Convey's First Popup Shop/Anniversary

April 14 1-8pm 

450 E 40th st. Chicago Il 

This event is celebrating Convey as a growing culture/movement for over a year now

while releasing some of the latest gear.


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