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You have been invited to be a part of Next Level Living’s Group Session because you attended the workshop September 28th and 29th in Pierre South Dakota. That weekend was powerful! It was filled with activities as well.

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Let’s Dig Deeper

Let’s continue to work together to overcome those challenges, take that leap of faith and change YOUR future forever. You’ve only just begun to experience all that is in store for you. Spend more time with me and I'll help you begin to move towards your goals!

Sales and Marketing (we touched on it, but time ran out...there's so much we can talk about)

  • Overcoming negativity/negative people

  • Changing your mindset

  • Developing healthy relationships and centers of influence

  • Prospecting for GOLD

  • Eliminating the negative self-talk

  • What's really standing in your way

  • Helping the people around us

  • Building an unstoppable team

  • How I recruited 98-103 people every single year minimally

  • Six and seven figure goals

  • Eliminating all waste

  • Owning your own time while taking care of a family

  • My response to your 44 orange post-it note concerns from the locker room session

  • How to move from where you are to where you want to be (another locker room activity)

  • How to Face Your Fears HEAD ON!

  • Let’s not forget our ORANGE POST IT QUESTIONS we put in the box at the locker room.

  • A topic of your choice…and so much more!

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