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I met a young lady today and we had a pretty interesting conversation about self-control/self-discipline. Although this young lady spoke about how careful she is about what she eats. She wants to maintain her physical and mental health and believes that food choices matter severely. The conversation moved me to think about how important self-control/self-discipline overall. It is certainly important when developing a relationship with God and living a life that is pleasing to Him. Consider all the other areas that require self-control/self-discipline. A lack of self-control/self-discipline limits our ability to develop a closer relationship with God.

Let’s think about that more deeply. We have so many thing that get in our way and lead us astray. Often, we don’t realize why we struggle so much. It could be the company we keep that we know isn’t good for us. It could also be something as simple as sticking to the day’s plan, exercising some self-control/self-discipline. 

Let’s name some of the things that may spark some thought and consideration on your behalf. Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but it is a place to start. There may be a lack of self-control/self-discipline with:

  • Keeping a schedule

  • Controlling our language

  • Spending time with God

  • Maintaining healthy centers of influence

  • Overcoming our fears

  • Taking the next step

  • Accepting help

  • Reading the word of God

  • Meditating and praying

  • Helping others

  • Judging others

  • Loving people that are hard to love

  • Forgiving people

  • Controlling anger

  • Worrying Less

Again, this is not all of the possibilities. I’m sure you have some of your own that are not listed. It’s really funny to me how we can request others to control their temper or take our advice when we too may be struggling with the same things but in different ways. We complain about what we see in others because we hate that very thing in ourselves. Hypocrisy is a worth while other subject worth visiting done day.

Self-control/self-discipline seems to be fleeting, but not impossible. How’s your self-control? Tell me how having more self-control/self-discipline could impact your life. Tell me how self-control/self-discipline can impact your relationship with God. Consider how much self-control/self-discipline, or lack there of, has has impacted your life today.

Old habits die hard. For me, maintaining my old habits oppose me developing self-control/self-discipline. Self-control/self-discipline can also influence and create new habits. Self-control/self-discipline is essential, I believe, to developing a relationship with God. What’s your take on it?

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