Day 15

Felisha Orchid

Felisha Orchid

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According to Merriam-Webster

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Trust Him!

Fully trusting “anybody” is easier said than done. We have grown up in a world where trust doesn’t come easy. Many of us have at one point or another proven ourselves untrustworthy. We view the world through our experiences and even our own behavior.

Over time some of us have learned to do better from parenting, education and the church, but it isn’t always easy living in a world with so many issues. Survival and domination is a struggle amongst us. It’s a competitive world we live in and we often look for shortcuts to getting what we think we want or need.

Our word should be our bond. We often say things and struggle to keep our own word, therefore we judge others by the same measure. The better we get at standing on the premise that our word is our bond the more we live in expectation that others should feel the same. That certainly isn’t true!

Now as we encounter God in the midst of this world we live in, the one that God so loves, we tend to still hold the same concerns when it comes to God also. Intellectually we know that God is the only being that fully keeps His Word. Yet emotionally we struggle with separating God from humanity. How do we shut that valve of our trust with humanity and keep it open when it pertains to God? As we strive to develop a relationship with God, we have to find a way.

The disappointments that stem from the world, including self, should not be the measuring stick for how much we can or should trust God. What happens all around us should not affect our ability to trust God. In fact, what happens around us should give us the opposite results.

Because we have not been consumed by the world, we should be able to understand how and better yet Who is ultimately responsible for why we still stand. How we navigate life and live in relationship with God has everything to do with the way we think and see things over all. All of it is a mindset change. Learning to trust God is what we HAVE to do in spite of the negative experiences we encounter. Trusting God is essential to our relationship with God. How hard or how easy is it for you to trust God.

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