Day 17

Felisha Orchid

Felisha Orchid

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Today’s focus:

  • Lost in chaos

  • Ways to work harder in the midst of chaos

  • Drawing closer to God

  • What do you usually do?


When Things Get Chaotic…

It is so easy to lose your focus. It’s even easier to allow the chaos in life to take priority. Putting out fires seems to be the way to handle it, but is it?

Most of the time we get lost in confusion, chaos and life’s challenges, but the stronger person works harder on:

  • Staying prayerful

  • Asking God to lead you through the chaos

  • Being preventative to avoid some of the chaos

  • Being Proactive about what you need to get done

  • Getting ahead of the game

  • Recognizing a smoke signal over a 2-alarm fire

  • Focusing on the things that really matter

  • Being prayerful about the next move

  • Holding on until something better happens

  • Counting it ALL joy despite what it feels like

It’s hard at times to draw close to God in the midst of chaos unless we are intentional. Why is it hard for some of us to keep drawing closer to God…well until all HELL brakes loose?

When things get chaotic what do you usually do? How do you stay close to God? Here’s another idea. Allow God to be central to your madness at all times and you’ll find that the madness isn’t so mad anymore.

At all times… Pray, Pray, Pray!

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