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Today’s focus:

  • Prayer

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Ben Franklin

Decision making can be extremely challenging at times. Just be sure to proceed with caution. Just because something isn’t working right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future.

Sometimes there are also ethical dilemmas to consider also. There could be two right things to do that are vastly different. So how do we choose?

When I work in financial services I help my clients make very important decisions about their lives. Anytime we come across hard decisions I suggest a prayer and a “Ben Franklin,” as we so affectionately called it.

You may do it more than one way. You may have one item at the top to consider or you may have two items to compare. They may look like this:

New Job Opportunity

Pros | Cons


Job Offer #1 | Job Offer #2

Great Benefits No Benefits

In the latter you are listing both pros and cons on one side, but you share what the other has or doesn’t have regarding that item on the second side. If you circle the things you like in “red” one side should out weigh the other.

I have used this process so many times as I’ve navigated through life myself. It’s helpful, especially when it’s time to eliminate some things in order to progress.

Progress isn’t always so easy, but using tools like this can help you along the way. Create more balance by praying first and asking God to reveal the pros and cons and direction you ought to be heading for your future.

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