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Details, details, details!


It all starts when...

we sit down for the first consultation. Choosing the right event planner is an asset to anyone that needs to plan an event, including the business and corporate meetings and events, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, book release parties,  and much more.

Planning an event can be stressful! It requires a lot of time and detail to plan the event of your dreams. An event planner can help relieve the stress and make the process memorable and enjoyable.

Many find themselves overwhelmed with the research necessary to put together a really well thought out event that will remain well within the desired budget.

Event planners have a history with vendors that can often reduce costs and eliminate that unwanted feeling of exceeding the budget. You get to resume your usual routine and allow the planner to take care of the details without so many distractions.  After all planning an event can be a full-time job.

The day of the event is a time when you should not have to worry about what time everything arrives, who is running late, where things need to be set up and so much more. This is your day , no matter if its your business meeting or your wedding day, it should be spent working the event or basking in the joy of spending a lifetime with the one you love the most.

You will get what you want without having to do all of the work involved. Your planner will organize your event the way you want it. After the selection of your event details, your planner will make sure things are ordered, created and delivered on time for your event.

You will get the best deal for your money. Event planners hunt for bargains and discounts from vendors. That should reduce your cost and the expenses incurred from planning your event.

Even when an emergency occurs, your event planners are trained and prepared to handle things for you. You get to sit back and enjoy your day and leave all the concerns to your planner.

Most often worry about whether the planner is too expensive and/or unaffordable. However, the cost of securing a planner varies widely, and most can afford to hire someone to help them with at least a portion of their big event. Keep in mind that many of the discounts you receive from having a good planner will offset many of the expenses.  So please, call us for your consultation.



•  Preside over your wedding (optional)

•  Prepare you for marriage with pre-marital counseling



•  Provide you with professional speakers




  • Facilitate you with your vision planning
  • Assist you with securing a financial strategy to ensure a successful event
  • Conduct an interview with you to identify your needs
  • Discuss and create a budget
  • Develop a detailed checklist
  • Develop your event theme
  • Create a website (optional)
  • Prepare an attendee list
  • Identify possible event venues
  • Identify and assist you in hiring event professionals and service providers
  • Prepare customized decorations (flowers, invites, etc.)
  • Coordinate deliveries and services for the event day
  • Develop backup plans
  • Manage your schedule
  • Assist with and prepare all legal documents with vendors
  • Specially design announcements, save-the dates, invitations, programs, place cards and thank you cards
  • Provide you with a preferred list of photographers, videographers, graphic designer 
  • Get your feedback along the way