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Today’s focus:

  • self-care

  • self-love



I don’t know why some of us struggle with self-love. Many of us, often mothers and also sometimes fathers, often spend our time caring for the needs of others and everyone else. They ALWAYS come first. Particularly Christians that are givers, more than not, tend to attend to the people around them and we ourselves get what’s leftover, if in fact there’s anything left.

Yes, we are our brother’s keeper, but first and foremost God has given us responsibility for our own lives and well-being. We get one life to live, as far as we know, for sure. So what happens when we neglect self? What happens when we don’t care for our own health and attend to our own need to lose or even gain weight?

Every time I take a plane ride the flight attendant tells us to secure our own oxygen mask before we secure the oxygen mask of an elderly person or a child. Why? It seems selfish when you first hear it, but is it really? ABSOLUTELY not! How do we help others if we aren’t able to breathe? Even if you still look at this thing from a giving perspective, we have to take good care of ourselves in order that we might survive to care for others. God doesn’t expect us to give up our lives and become martyrs just for the sake of giving. If we give up our lives it has to be for God and His purpose for us. That’s a vastly different perspective. The focus is God and not self.

Take care of yourself. Take care of you. God so loves the world and it includes you. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves, right? What happens if there’s no love for self? Then there’s none for the neighbor either. Don’t we see enough of that in this world? Don’t we see it in so many other ways that are harmful to us all? No self love leads to a host of problems that lead us down the wrong path. Love yourself, because God loves you and so do I. Aren’t you worth it? God is love, but my question is are you?

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