Health & Weight Loss…

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Today’s focus:

  • Make a list

  • Evaluate the problem

  • Create a plan of action


What’s The Problem?

It’s pretty tough to conquer a problem if we aren’t really sure what the problem really is. So tell me, What’s The Problem? What don’t you like? What needs to be changed?

Create a list. Keep in mind that a 40-year-old man/woman isn’t supposed to look like a 18-year-old man/woman. Look at yourself with loving eyes and be honest about what you need to fix? Is it fixable? Why does it need to be fixed? Is it purely vanity or are their health related problems/concerns attached? More importantly if it is fixable, then why haven’t you already?

Evaluate the problem. What can be done about it? How long has it been like this? Will you need help like a nutritionist, personal weight trainer or someone to get you off the couch?

Do you have a plan of action? We will begin to talk about many things that will help you move in the right direction like exercise, water, and the foods we eat. For right now, I want to know what you know. What kind of action plan are you willing to put in place and how often will the details of the action plan be acted upon?

Let’s look closely. What’s The Problem? Let’s be sure we do something about it.

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