Pastor's/Professor's Retreat Info

Below are some details about events and services that you may be interested in.


Mini-Sabbatical & Roundtable Discussion

You take care of everyone else so now it's time for someone to take care of you. Let's get away from it all to a private Villa! We've created a retreat to help you relax and let your hair down (whether you have some or not). 10-20 pastors and professors will enjoy total privacy at a place where they can momentarily let go of their responsibilities back home and let loose with some fun in the sun. What happens in Puerto Vallarta will stay in Puerto Vallarta.

We'll take some time for a few roundtable discussions. We will address topics that are needed in the church today.

Bring your spouses, if you'd like, so they can enjoy some of the special perks meant just for them. There will be a few surprises too!


Pastors can't do it all by themselves! Creating leaders and disciples is easier said than done. It's important to help our members and leadership recognize their gifts and purpose both inside and outside of the church.  Spirit led, confident and purpose-filled members become disciples and visionary God-centered and empowered disciples become leaders. Let's find ways to help them complete the vision God has given them in their lives by providing them resources and practices that can take them to the next level making them better able to contribute to the church and at home.



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