I apologize for delays. I’m hopeful that over the weekend I can get ahead and have some in the queue for the future. Let me know if you have any challenges. Thanks for your patience.

Felisha O.


So let’s see how it works for us. Thanks for your patience.



I’ve been carefully thinking about your suggestion. I believe once a week for me is a good idea.

Initially, I thought that I would do conference calls but trying to get everyone on the same page at the same time will be difficult. Perhaps I may create a call once a month.

Maybe the daily questionnaires is a bit much for some. I’m thinking that the questionnaires may be good for you to keep the responses to, if you choose to do them, as a way of journaling. That way you can monitor your your answers. I’d love to see your progress. I’m putting the questionnaires on your pages below. When you click submit you’ll receive them in your own personal email. If you choose to share them, please forward the email you receive to info@felishaorchid.com.

Perhaps I’ll just ask for immediate feedback on what you thought of the lesson. The form will only have 1 or 2 questions.

Let’s try it and see how it works. You will find the questionnaires below soon.



We’ve finally gotten through Day 1. I received Eddie’s form this morning when I woke up. You can expect a new day every morning starting tomorrow. We have to pick up the pace. It should be easier since the future lessons are much shorter. My suggestion is to pinpoint a time that works for you so that it becomes routine.

We will explore some different areas to see how we can stretch. Thank you for joining us.

Congratulations on being a survivor! That is always a good testimony. I hope you see your answers from prior questionnaires below. They should help guide you towards your future.

I’ve highlighted some areas you mentioned. Correct me if I’m wrong, please. I’m hearing a need for:

  • A closer relationship with God

  • Space/quiet time for God

  • Allowing God to lead you

  • Getting better at following through

  • Trusting the process

  • Eliminating procrastination

  • Get rid of your fear of failure

  • Fighting through depression

  • Getting more balance

  • Conquering the “Jack of all trades” syndrome and developing your gifts

  • Getting something started (ideas)

  • Confidence that you are making a difference

By the way, your book is on the way. Enjoy!