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Tools to organize

Tools to organize

Today’s focus:

  • Organization

  • Planning

  • Commitment

  • Pencils


Plan Your Way To Success!

For years we’ve managed to plan for Christmas, birthdays and cookouts. We’ve managed to plan and execute study time to pass an exam. We’ve managed to keep the house in at the very least a livable order. We’ve planned for amazing trips, even if it were simply across town. Why is it so hard to plan or success?

I probably don’t have to say much more here. Those thoughts alone are enough to consider, but of course I have more to say.

We plan to fail because we fail to plan.

Remember failing is the same as quitting. Quitting doesn’t happen when we say the words. Quitting also happens when our actions or lack there of line up with the same idea. We fail when we don’t plan. It’s the same thing as quitting. Without a commitment to plan and organize we have nothing more than wishful thinking.

Always remember, that my messages are messages intended for me as much as it is for you. There’s no judgement here. It’s purely an observation from my own life and that of others around me. Every day I rely on God to speak through me and I promise you the messages mess me up as much as you.

I committed to this journey for several reasons.

  • I want to be used by God

  • I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me

  • I have what I need (and so do you) and I prove it every time I put forth real effort

  • I want to change the world, but it only happens when I create a change in me

  • I want to inspire, motivate and encourage the community one person at a time

  • I love to write

Well, those are the reasons that came to the top of my mind I’m sure there are more, but my main point is that we all have everything it takes and I’m using myself as a example.

With day planners, journals and cell phones, not to mention vision boards, gratitude boards and pride walls we can learn to organize our thoughts and time and stay focus on the journey ahead. Take the 3 items you see in the photo with you everywhere you go. Keep them by your side at all times. Keep them in the car, at your desk and on your nightstand. Get a backpack or a bag that is big enough to carry these essential items. Keep your thoughts in a notebook and not in your head, on post-it notes, envelopes and everywhere else. Come up with a plan to act and then plan your days in your planner AND your cell phone. Why? You need to see it all mapped out in your planner and your phone has reminders to keep you on task. (Note: Creating a timeline can be done simultaneously.)

All you have to do is figure out what it is that you want/need to do. Write things down in your journal as you think of them. Allot some time everyday to review those new insights and organize them. Prioritize the most important items on the list. Create a plan and work it. If all else fails, the first few things on your list HAVE to come first, like space for God, exercise and healthy eating habits. Then the following day you reevaluate. As you make space for God make space to plan and you’ll find that you are far more organized, significantly more productive and masterfully more balanced than you’ve ever been before. Use a pencil. You’ll make changes as you learn what works (not fail). Plan your way to success!

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