Questions To Consider

Lesson 10 (Man I asked a lot of questions this time?

What happens when ALL HELL breaks loose and there isn’t a justifiable explanation?

When you encounter a bit of hell in your life, what do you do about it?

Do you retreat, fight back, act like nothing ever happened, blame the world, or have a pity party?

More importantly do we get angry with God?

Do create a little hell of your own? Or, do you stand on your faith?

When you had to face trouble head on in the past, how did you handle it?

What’s your typical response?

Did you make it through?

Did the trouble eventually pass?

Did you survive it?

Did you figure out how to live through it?

Wasn’t God faithful?

Well wasn’t He? How faithful were you going through it?

Did you ever thank God for His GRACE and MERCY?

So let me ask you something else?

Did you learn something?

Did you learn that Trouble Don’t Last Always!

What happens today when All Hell Brakes Loose?