A Prayer For Us & A Message To You

Good Afternoon!
I'll pray and then I'll share my message, so please read it all.

My Lord, our Lord, words cannot express the love we have for you and your/our people. We claim them all. We love them all, even the ones that don't get it. We love the ones that make fatal mistakes too. You know the path they were on and you know their story. We don't. Moses was a murder and you TRANSFORMED him too. We pray for the world, for ourselves included, that you so love. We ask Lord that you continue to order our steps and that you help each and everyone of us become a blessing to you and to our people. Heal where healing needs to take place. Give peace wherever peace is needed. Above all give more Love everywhere. Create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us. We cannot do this without you...In Jesus' Holy Name We Pray!

1. Keep praying! Let's always keep God first!
2. No violence! No looting! No arguing! We don't need to argue, fuss and fight. That is more divisive. That's what they want us to do.
3. We need to send a personal inbox message to the people we've invited. Everyone doesn't read their invites. Most just read the date and time. Send a message to the ones that haven't responded at all, "can't go," or have a "maybe" status. Call some folks too!
4. Invite more people everyday! Facebook has a limit but we can still grow this thing.
5. Repost messages on your page that will get to more people. 
6. Send lists of info about black/brown owned businesses to groundedindefinitely@gmail.com. Tonight I'll begin to post them on our website. If you see a white owned establishment that is doing something to stop the madness, then we want know about them too. But in the meantime we need to boycott everything else that is vague. Straddling the fence about the lives and the welfare of the people in our community is unacceptable! Make it known that you are not racist through action.
7. Respect other boycotts out there. All of us are working towards the same purpose. If anyone gets out of hand, please calm them down. We need clear minds.
8. Any suggestions can be sent to groundedindefinitely@gmail.com also.

Love you! Remember that God's got this! No matter how tough it gets, God is working on His behalf to save our people.

A Message To You

Okay, listen up everyone! In the midst of great tragedy there's always an amazing opportunity. Because of all the craziness that's going on, we are now looking to work with black and brown businesses..finally. Trust me, when you start your own you'll be grateful. We are a village and we should be protecting one another and looking out for each other. We should have been doing this all along, but it is better that we start now than not at all.
Our progress has slowed down. We don't want to wait for the next tragedy. Let's invite some more people and please ask your family and friends to please read the information AND SHARE IT. Some are looking at the date and time and not at the info about the movement and they are responding with "can't make it" or "maybe." If you know some family members personally call them. You can also inbox them too. The great majority of people on FB don't read details about events and have no clue what's going on. We need them too! We have a little less than a week. Think about it. Some of the most ridiculous things go viral overnight. This should be doing the same! Let's do it! We can change the world.
Last but certainly not least, I'm so thankful for everyone of you. It's not by accident that we are connecting. The first step we need to make is to create change within. Psalm 51:20 says “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” We can't expect our lives to change with the same old attitude and the same old routine. It will be business as usual. Each of us have gifts that we are given to share. Let's be a blessing to others. Don't be fearful. Move on it. Reach out. Inbox me if you need something. In the same measure you give you shall receive..right. And if nothing else, keep praying. Those families out there need our prayers and to be honest we need them too. We need to be a praying group. There's over 2100 people that we've reached out to. That's good, but not enough. We need to add some zeros. Send the people you know a message. Ask them for support and prayer, if nothing else.
Please be careful! Don't get so worked up that you aren't thinking clearly. Make sure you do the right thing, the Godly thing, to make sure you are here to see the next day...God Willing! Love you all!
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A Prayer For Us

Let's make sure we are always in prayer. Let's stop for a moment and give God all the glory and all the honor.
Lord God we love you, honor and praise you! Bless us all, this country and all countries. Lord bless this world! Give us the wisdom, the power and the mite to change this world that you so love. Let us do it with love and peace. Let us do it with kindness and humility but allow us to do it in a way that will save lives, change minds and be a blessing. Lord, open doors that need to be opened and shut the doors that need to be shut. Send us the people and the resources to be a blessing to your people. We love you more than ever. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen!

A Message To You

I started to say "if you have time" but I'm correcting myself as I write. I need your help NOW! I need people that will make time. I need volunteers. I need people that will help us organize. I need people that have connections and I need people that will shut off the tv and help us make a difference. There are so many ways that we can make the racist in this country pay attention. This isn't their country. Everything belongs to God and the ones who love God inherited it rightfully so. I need you to inbox me if .... no scratch that....sorry I mean inbox me. We need a place to meet and we need all the help we can get.