You did it! Congratulations! Thank You For Joining Us!

Not everyone decided to come today, BUT EVERYONE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE WAS PRESENT. Most people, as you can tell by the size of this workshop, would rather stay the same than make an effort to change for the better. It's a personal decision. It's one that none of us should take lightly.

Thank you for starting this journey with me. I've been changed for the better by your presence. 


Felisha Orchid


There's more where that came from...

Details about the monthly workshops

  • You may be asked to call into 102.3 and tell listeners about your journey.

  • We will dig deeper into each of the workshop topics mentioned, including

    • Facing your fears

    • Realizing your gifts

    • Using your past with a purpose

    • Discovering where you are right now

    • Developing your vision for the future

    • Understanding that the mission is more than possible

    • Discerning the influences of your inner circle

    • Creating and maintaining a healthy balance

    • And more...

  • Once a week you'll receive an invitation to complete some online work with videos reading materiale and at times a little homework.

  • We will meet by video conferencing once a month for about an hour to share the progress made through Skype or Zoom.

  • Every other month, we can opt to meet in person to catch up and share the progress. Together we will select a date and time that works for the group.

  • You will be invited to a secret Facebook page where we can share information privately.

  • You will receive email/text reminders of every meeting.

  • Don't forget to invite others to join the next Ready For Change Empowerment Workshop. You'll receive $5 off your next session. Remind them to give us your name when they tell us how they heard about the work shops.

Lettering by Candace Carson -  See more of her work on Instagram

Lettering by Candace Carson - See more of her work on Instagram

So how are we doing?

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Please give us the name, phone number & email. We will give you $5 off your next workshop for everyone you refer.
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Will you go that extra mile and meet with us monthly? The ongoing workshops are the same price to continue. $48/month. You will receive assignments and coaching calls along the way. We will take the time to evaluate your progress and hold you accountable for your goals and dreams.
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From me to you...

Here are a list of other workshops I facilitate:

  • Change The Way You Think!

  • Real Estate Investor Training Program 1-hour/day-12-weeks

  • Homebuyers Program

  • Event Planners Workshop 1-hour/day-12-weeks

  • DIY Wedding Planning

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Empowerment Workshops For Self Improvement (New Addition)

  • How to start a magazine (if interested in this classes I'll forward details later)

  • How to write & publish your first book (if interested in this classes I'll forward details later)

Let me know when you have an interest. 708-794-6362

Now, there are others that I can teach, but these are the ones that are currently in the hopper.


Always remember that you are Powerful Beyond Measure!

Thanks again for joining me,

Felisha Orchid