Day 12

Felisha Orchid

Felisha Orchid

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Today’s focus:

  • How well do we know God?

  • Date God and get to know HIM

  • Love at first sight?


LOVE AT First Thought!

As life evolves so does our understanding of God and right along with that our relationship with God flourishes. Think about a great first date verses a 10-year wedding anniversary. How well did you know your date the first time around? The second? Even a month or two in?

God is so EXTRAORDINARY to me! The mere thought that God gives me concepts like this to create clarity is out of this world. Trust me. It’s all God! I can’t take the credit.

Date God and get to know HIM.

Date one, the first time we encounter God, is intriguing to say the least. “You mean to tell me YOU (God) loves me already?” Yes, it’s LOVE at firs sight! In fact, it’s LOVE at first Thought! God knows us better than everyone, even we ourselves. It’s unfortunate that we are rather clueless about how incredible God is. The more we know the more we have to learn.

As I entered seminary I thought I knew a little something, but quickly I learned more than I could have ever imagined. When I left seminary I learned that although I learned a lot in school. We can’t put God in a box. We can never be bored with God. There is always something new as we encounter God. Our impression is all we have.

What do we really know though? Isn’t that fascinating?

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