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Today’s focus:

  • Preparation

  • Opportunity

  • Hard Work

  • Success


Prepare For The Unexpected!

Keeping a positive mindset doesn’t mean that unexpected things won’t happen. You could be on your way to work with nothing but happy thoughts and get a flat. Or, you could be driving down the street and someone jumps in front of you. Without a spare time, emergency roadside assistance and the commitment to be alert at all times a simple problem can turn into a catastrophe. I wouldn’t say expect problems, but prepare for them.

Some say:

The definition of success is when preparation meets opportunity.

I say:

The definition of success is when preparation and hard work meet opportunity.

Either way preparation is key. I’m bringing this up because it’s inevitable that life isn’t going to go exactly as planned. The more we prepare for the journey, the more we are better able to handle the unexpected. I expect the positive. I expect to win one day. I expect to have success and progress. I also know I will meet some objections and challenges along the way. Sometimes you have to have a little pessimism or better yet wisdom to be able to pre-plan for what may be coming. Preparing for it doesn’t make you negative. It keeps you from being blindsided and left stranded. When it comes you can minimize the time and even the potential damage it may cause along the way.

Just think about people that eat right just BEFORE they have medical challenges. Or someone that’s taught defensive driving. Think about a doctor or nurse that’s prepared for medical emergencies. What about the fire drills schools do with our children or the safety drills they make all of us do before we set sail on a ship. Had it not be for the preparation, they would fold every single time something unexpected comes up.

Don’t focus on problems. Don’t live in fear of problems. Just plan and prepare in order that you may know what to do in the event that a challenge comes up.

What are your emergency drills? What do you do incase things don’t go as planned?

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