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Today’s focus:

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe?


Just Say No!

Many of us, especially those committed to loving God and working in His Kingdom, struggle with saying “No!” Many of us feel like we aren’t pleasing God unless we say “yes” to everything. Here’s the catch. Others around us know how vulnerable we are as devoted Christians and they know just who to ask.

God has given us the ability to discern. Yet, we struggle to know our limits and when to say “NO!” We subject ourselves to limitless demands on our time, thoughts, actions and more, especially in the church. Pastors, other leaders and members alike suggest there’s soooooo much to be done as if they can’t get anyone else to step up. Seek God’s Will for your journey. Do you know the difference between what God has given you to do and what others have piled up on your plate out of guilt and trickery.

Many of the things that are requested from us are things that others are fully capable of doing for themselves, yet they find ways to hold us responsible for them. Pray! You’ll know what God wants you to do.

Shonda Rhimes wrote a book called Year of Yes. It’s worth reading, but I truly think it works well for those that say “No” to opportunities and situations all the times that could change their life. However, some of us clearly say “yes” so much that we can’t seem to get that mounting plate all done. Maybe, our answer needs to be “no” about the things that others give

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us and aren’t according to what God has given us to do. That will require lots of prayer and discernment. Until you hear an answer, say “Maybe” until you consult with God. Too many “no” answers can be just as detrimental to too many “yes” answers.

Are you a Yes-man/woman or a No-man/worm? How has this affected your life and your progress? There are clearly some things that God wants us to continue, but it’s very possible that our struggle with balance has a lot to do with our inability to say “no” when we need to do so.

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