More Balance…

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Today’s focus:

  • Maintain total control

  • Take Lessons

  • Study

  • Practice


Total Control

What if you were trained to fly a plane? You have to maintain total control over that plane, correct? You have an obligation to maintain balance to keep your passengers safe. You have an obligation to keep the plane in the air and to land it safely.

Okay, you are the pilot of your own flight. Is it balanced? Do you have enough fuel? Are you managing all of the controls properly? Tell me, what needs to change?

Pilots get highly specialized training. Unfortunately, we don’t. We tend to wing it! We “figure things out as we go,” but often that process leads to challenges that we don’t feel equipped to deal with properly.

I’d say, take lessons, study and practice each control on your plane. It doesn’t matter what it is, find a way todo if proficiently. Develop your skill level so that the controls don’t feel so overwhelming. Do your homework and take Total control!

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