Online Education Content, Program Developing and Consulting


we provide a number of services…

  • Create, develop, document and test new online educational content and programs in alignment with our client's brand, vision, design and best practices.
  • Incorporate innovative delivery formats and opportunities for interactivity.
  • Manage the content to ensure that our clients have an innovative and unique educational sites that serves the needs of it's students.
  • Support the development of our customer's programming with interactive online options with a mix of videos, conference calls, and on-demand coursework and homework.
  • Coach our clients to make sure they have available online tools to deliver the most efficient and effective educational opportunities for their students as possible.
  • Provide all of the additional support needed for the development of Education Centers, when requested, by working with the Curriculum Development Committee
  • Research until we acquire understanding as it relates to all the necessary guideline and policy requirements as they are related to continuing education accreditation and Maintenance of Certification.
  • Research new technologies to expand our understanding of it's use and the value behind learning the content.
  • Review new information, procedures and videos to write descriptive learning objectives.
  • Monitor and review other websites, associations and e-learning communities to identify best practices and website innovations.
  • Work hands-on with a number of software tools, Powerpoint and videos to create online educational modules.
  • Assist in the management of promotional demos.
  • Provide project management and educational planning services.
  • Other related services as requested.

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