Next Level Living Workshop!

Congratulations you've taken the first step towards NEXT LEVEL LIVING! You are now registered and you are ready to get the job done. You've made it this far more than 95% of the people out there. So take a moment, just a moment, and give yourself some hand praise. I'm proud of you. You've made it this far.


We are opening up the channels of communication today to give you an opportunity to participate in the planning stages of the upcoming event by encouraging you to add your thoughts and concerns below. We will do our best to address some of your concerns on September 29th and/or you may be invited to work with Felisha Orchid one-on-one in the near future. Either way your concerns are important. WHEN YOU COME to the event WITH AN OPEN MIND prepared to be transformed, we will do our best to help you get passed many of your hurdles and get you well on your way to living on the next level.

Lettering by Candace Carson -  See more of her work on Instagram

Lettering by Candace Carson - See more of her work on Instagram

Let's Get Started...


We will explore topics such as:

  • Facing your fears

  • Realizing your gifts

  • Using your past with a purpose

  • Discovering where you are right now

  • Developing your vision for the future

  • Understanding that the mission is more than possible

  • Discerning the influences of your inner circle

  • Creating and maintaining a healthy balance

  • And more...




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Create some momentum that will help propel you above and beyond. You know how to do this. You’ve done this before.