January 18, 2019

Good Morning,

I hope that you are reading these messages. Thank you for hanging in here with me. It is my hope that I can help move you to the next level.

Change isn’t an easy thing to do, but if we hope to improve it is necessary. Imagine the world where everyone stays exactly as they are. That’s an awful thought. The one that gives me hope is knowing that we can all get better if we choose to be. I choose to be ALWAYS! I hope that more will join me.

I’m praying about reducing the number of lessons slightly. I’m thinking of having lessons either Monday-Friday ONLY or Monday-Saturday ONLY! As a student, what do you think? Your input matters to me.

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Happy New Year!

This message is worth keeping around for awhile. Happy New Year!

Thanks for catching up. Remember you have 2 lessons to do. Try to add more detail to your answers please. I want you to get as much as you can out of this experience.

I also want you to share with me 10 names of people you know that may benefit from joining the process. I need their name, email and phone number. Don’t think about who will and who won’t. We both may be surprised. Just think of the 10 closest people to you TODAY! Thanks.


Happy New Year!

Welcome into a new year with brand new promises and a lot to look forward to. You are starting to get it. Hang in there. Text me if you have any challenges.

You’ll find all of the links below:

12/28 Day 2

We’ve finally gotten through Day 1. I received your form this morning when I woke up. You can expect a new day every morning starting tomorrow. We have to pick up the pace. It should be easier since the future lessons are much shorter. My suggestion is to pinpoint a time that works for you so that it becomes routine.

We will explore some different areas to see how we can stretch. Thank you for joining us.

Congratulations on your growth! I can tell that you aren’t who you once were. I hope you see your answers from prior questionnaires below. They should help guide you towards your future.

I’ve highlighted some areas you mentioned. Correct me if I’m wrong, please. I’m hearing a need for:

  • Ways to start a food truck

  • Direction to provide for grandkids

  • Direction in life

  • Working on your concerns regarding your education

  • Moving forward and not concern yourself with what others think

  • Losing weight

  • Haunting concerns about how you treated others/drinking

  • Forgiveness for self and from others

  • Debt freedom

  • A closer relationship with God

  • Space/quiet time for God

  • Allowing God to lead you

By the way, your book is on the way. Enjoy!