The Best Nanny Money Can Buy

Your children are the biggest asset, biggest blessing and the biggest responsibility you'll ever have. Busy people often raise children that could use more love, time, and attention from someone that is born to care for children.

Every child has different needs. The goal is to find someone that will help you feel like your child has the best of both worlds (financially secure and filled with an abundance of love and attention). What is your child's well-being worth to you? Who would you rather you child spend their time with? Your children's care is priceless. Your children should be your biggest investment.


Bachelor in Communications and Master of Divinity.

Minister, author and mother of two scholarly adult children.

Live-in or live-out nanny, governesses, doula, tutor, home-schooler, driver, meal preparations and event planner.

Teach children to read long before kindergarten.

Work hard and we play hard.

Full-time, part-time, weekend, temporary, on-call help.  

Available for travel and more, upon request.


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